Harwood Consulting’s professional staff commit themselves to service with over 100 years of cumulative experience, knowledge and implementations to best suit your business solutions. Moreover, our friendly staff has the hands-on professional experience you need to provide not only accurate advice, but also the situational kind as well. What does that mean? It means that Harwood Consulting service staff have been through so many installations and trainings, there is almost nothing you can throw at them which they have not either experienced before or trained for.
Combining Harwood Consulting’s excellent reputation and award-winning products, our services team is here to help transition your company as a whole into the new enterprise software you need to run your business. Current services include:
1. Enterprise Solution training– we will physically come to your place of business and train your entire staff with the roles you assign them. Call for a free consultation about this and learn how we can help you even if you didn’t buy your enterprise solution from us.
2. Microsoft Silver Certified Partner– yep, we made it! Our engineering staff have taken and passed with flying colors the Microsoft Silver Certification exams giving us a step above the competition. Do your other enterprise solution companies offer that? Probably not!
3. In addition to the knowledge and experience our MS Silver Certified engineers have, they also speak plain English so talking to them is as easy as talking to one of our illustrious sales representatives. They are here to help and breakdown any sort of technical jargon you may have questions regarding.
4. The ability to not only work in unison with you and your entire company, but also the ability to provide support and communication at the deepest levels of business and technical language gives us the ability to provide the assurance your company needs when you need third party support.
Harwood Consulting also provides ideas on moving your business forward. We recommend to any client examining the following points.


We ask all the questions and make the observations discovering the issues that make the possible decision to upgrade your ERP system. We then move on to design phase.

Intuitive Design

Building from the ANALYSIS, we design steps both internal and external, to properly implement and upgraded your ERP system. This design keeps your business running efficiently.

Professional Implementation

Following the DESIGN, the process is followed at each phase until the system is successfully live. This method of implementation provides error proof function across your business.


During this process, success points are monitored and resources are allocated to make sure that the project follows a successful path, and adjusted for augmented as necessary.

Professional Training

One step after IMPLEMENTATION, is our internal software experts pass their knowledge on to you so you too know how to use the upgraded system properly for your business.


Once the IMPLEMENTATION is complete, we are still available to support your company and make any adjustments for long term success. Even legacy products not offered anymore.


With the accumulation of critical business information, we have several tools available to push the data back out to management allowing them make critical business decisions.


Our high level team of experts can help you make critical infrastructure adjustments to make your business more efficient and profitable while streamlining the way you do business.


In addition to coming up with and implementing the agreed solution for your business, our engineers are also able to help custom fit your solution to your specific needs.

Announce upcoming Events

Big sale, celebrity on site event, book signing or some other big event worthy of news? We recommend announcing it early and marketing it to a wide variety of outlets so you give your customers enough time to plan and attend. Doing this also provides a certain level of excitement for your brand and the event. Never underestimate planning early.

REAL Testimonials

Nobody likes to hear their chosen company has been lying. Why would you do that to your customers? Offer small incentives for happy customers to get that extra feedback you need to display so other customers can see the value you provide. Sharing the stories of your successes also provide new customers an idea of precisely what you can do as a business- for them. Consider major outlets like social media networks in addition to testimonials on your site for maximum benefit.

Current Deals And Promotions

Any specials running in your physical or online shop? Use your marketing teams to fully cover this! The more you market these deals and incentives, the more attention you get on the web and in store. Make a professional marketing push with amazing graphics and great deals and you have yet another winning team on your side.

Spread the NEWS!

Literally, anything new your business goes through is NEWS! Harwood Consulting urges our clients to use this to the maximum advantage. Did you just promote Kevin from accounting? Use that! Write a blog about it. Share the pictures you took at the event. Share your office culture experiences on social media. The more content about your company out there, the better off you will be because there’s just more to your business than sales and marketing and you will be shocked to know that people actually care more about that than buying from you. Especially in today’s world where consumers are scrutinizing every facet of a company they buy from.


Breakdown customer questions in advance. Always take your most popular questions asked by your customers and write down your answers in an easily accessible format, be it in your social media presence, on your website or both. You want this information made easily accessed by customers so your phone lines don’t ring every 5 seconds with customers asking the same questions over and over again. In addition to the most asked questions from your customers, when adding in this section to your website or social media platform, talk to your sales staff. Have a discussion on providing certain information to your clients from the start so their experience is more guided rather than fumbled.