Microsoft Dynamics NAV


            Microsoft Dynamics  NAV (formerly Microsoft Navision)

Equip  the people in your organization for success with Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV, an  integrated, adaptable business management solution. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can  streamline processes, deliver robust reporting and business intelligence, and  connect employees, customers, and partners across a global  marketplace. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be adapted to the way  your business works, integrated with existing systems, and extended to meet  industry-specific needs. And Microsoft Dynamics NAV works like and with the  other Microsoft products and technologies people already use, helping to ensure  a smooth implementation, minimize training requirements, and provide a solution  that can move your company into the future. Flexible and easy to use, Microsoft Dynamics NAV  offers a user experience tailored to people’s roles within your  organization—helping them work productively, make confident decisions, and  respond quickly to new marketplace opportunities.
Gain insight for confident  decision-making Easily access and analyze accurate,  up-to-the-minute data about every aspect of your operations, including  individual transactions, key performance indicators, trends, and growth  opportunities. A variety of reporting and analytical options empowers people  across your organization to extract and analyze data, generate and share  reports, or export to Microsoft Office Excel® or other familiar programs for  further analysis and graphical presentation.
Maximize the value of your IT investments Achieve a low total cost of ownership and take  advantage of innovative data management, collaboration, and information-sharing  capabilities with a solution that integrates tightly with other Microsoft  products and technologies, including Microsoft Windows Server® 2003, Microsoft  SQL ServerTM 2005, Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services, Microsoft Office  SharePoint Server, Microsoft BizTalk® Server, and Windows LiveTM Local  Search.
Enhance connectivity and extend the power of your  solution A powerful Microsoft development platform makes it  easy to integrate Microsoft Dynamics NAV with existing systems and share data  across other applications and over the Internet. Your local Microsoft Certified  Partner can provide expert support for implementing your Microsoft Dynamics NAV  solution and help your company benefit from a rich ecosystem of finely tailored,  industry-specific offerings and add-on solutions.
Choose the solution that fits your business size and  needs Microsoft Dynamics NAV can evolve with you for the  life of your business. The flexible foundation and cost-effective licensing and  support options enable you to choose the solution that’s right for your  organization while maintaining the flexibility to adapt your solution as your  business needs change. Phased deployment and generous, out-of-the-box  functionality at a low entry price help maximize the value of your investment  while enabling you to enhance the productivity of your business through support,  training, best practices, and product updates.

Financial  Management As the backbone of your business management  solution, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you efficiently manage your general  ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, analytical accounting, fixed assets,  and cash flow as well as perform bank reconciliations and collections. You can  also manage your financial processes across multiple currencies, locations, or  companies.
Manufacturing  Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an integrated  suite of manufacturing applications that give you the tools to plan, manage, and  execute a world-class manufacturing operation. Manage your entire manufacturing  process from product configuration, supply, and capacity requirements planning  to scheduling and shop floor.
Supply  Chain Management Tailor your sales, purchasing, and pick/pack/ship  cycle processes to meet specific needs and keep pace with competitive markets  and low margins. Help increase customer loyalty with better responsiveness,  rapidly pursue new market opportunities, and improve your profitability by  working efficiently with partners. Improve inventory management, manage single  or multi-site warehouses, and handle order processing and demand  planning.
Business  Intelligence and Reporting Bring strategic insight into your business  processes with sophisticated reporting, analysis, and budgeting solutions that  help you improve and propel critical decision making throughout the  organization. Direct access to real-time, business-critical information and a  wide range of analytical and reporting tools can help you manage budgets, create  and consolidate reports, and look for trends and relationships.
Customer  Relationship Management Customer relationship management can automate many  day-to-day tasks for sales, customer service, and marketing professionals.  Manage customer records and sales histories, create and launch marketing  campaigns, and track customer activity. Make service operations more profitable  by organizing your service resources for optimum efficiency, forecasting and  tracking parts consumption, managing contracts and service agreements, and  gaining control over costs.
Workspace  Collaboration Help people across your business collaborate  effectively by expanding access to business applications, information, and  processes. Windows SharePoint Services enables you to create workgroups to  generate discussion and exchange information about specific interests and  projects.
Configuration and  Development Adapt your business management solution to the way  you do business with built-in tools designed to help limit your requirement for  highly qualified IT professionals. System administrators and programmers can add  new and modify existing functionality quickly and with limited coding. In  addition, you gain access to a suite of powerful industry-standard tools and  technologies already used by developers around the world.
Human Resource  Management Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides support for your  human resources processes by helping you organize and control information about  your employees. Attach comments to employee records, track absences, and  generate reports to help you keep on top of your most important asset—your  employees.
Project  Management Project management capabilities support long-term  job- and project-related activities to help you budget project costs and  automate billings, manage your resources, track resource costs and usage, plan  capacity, and predict availability.            


Microsoft Dynamics GP


            People drive  business success
 Regardless of your industry or the size of your  organization, it’s your people who drive results. Business success depends on  providing everyone in your organization—from the CEO to management and teams to  individuals—with ready access to the information, systems, and tools they need  to work at peak performance.
But you know that. And we know it, because  we’ve worked directly with our customers to design Microsoft Dynamics GP, a  solution that bridges the gap between business process automation and the way  people really work. For smaller organizations, Microsoft Dynamics GP  Business Essentials offers a solution built for rapid installation and ease of  use, packaged and priced for companies on a growth path. Designed to help people  accomplish more from the start, it works like and with the familiar Microsoft®  Office system and utilizes proven Microsoft technologies to streamline and  connect information, processes, and reporting capabilities across your entire  business. And as your organization changes and grows, Microsoft Dynamics GP  Business Essentials offers a cost-effective path for adding functionality and  users.

Give  Your People a Solution They’ll Want to  Use Get the look and feel of Microsoft Office in  Microsoft Dynamics GP. Whether employees are working in Microsoft Dynamics GP or  the Microsoft Office system, they’ll have a smooth, familiar user experience  that reduces training time and costs.
Quickly sort and filter records and perform  tasks with the Action Pane, an intuitive command bar inspired by Ribbons in the  2007 Microsoft Office system.
Deliver access to relevant information and  tasks with the Role Center, a tailored home page that helps people to focus on  their key responsibilities, reduce time spent chasing information and reports,  and increase personal productivity.
Save valuable time with smart tags that enable  quick access to Microsoft Dynamics GP data from Microsoft Office system  applications, including access to customer, vendor, inventory, general ledger  account, and employee information.
Tight integration with the Microsoft Office  system—including Office Excel®, Office Word, to find, use, and share information  within the applications they use every day.

Get Started Fast and Move Easily into the  Future Count on smooth installation and fast setup.  Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials delivers built-in tools, including  setup checklists and step-by-step wizards, to help you get your solution up and  running quickly. Gain easy entry into Microsoft SQL ServerTM  technologies with SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, which is included with  Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials. SQL Server Express offers robust data  storage and management and a stable platform for growth. Enhance your total solution with powerful  networking and collaboration capabilities and remote user access by combining  Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials with Windows® Small Business Server  2003. Grow your business with a solution built on a  proven, innovative Microsoft platform. As your business needs evolve, you can  rest assured that your solution will fit with your current and future  investments in Microsoft products and technologies.

Software for  today and tomorrow Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers the flexible  licensing and support options you need to help ensure that your solution can  evolve with your business over the long term. With Business Ready Licensing and  the Business Ready Enhancement Plan, you can choose Microsoft Dynamics GP  Business Essentials now and then upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced  Management when the time is right. Cost-effective, phased deployment and  generous, out-of-the-box functionality at a lower entry price help maximize the  value of your investment while enabling you to enhance productivity through  support, training, best practices, and product updates.
By taking advantage of a flexible foundation  and convenient licensing and support options, you can tailor your total solution  to the size of your business, the way employees use data, and the information  technology expertise available to you. This simplified approach and predictable  path for growing your solution helps protect your investment and minimize  disruption to your business when you upgrade your system— helping to ensure a  low total cost of ownership.            


Sage Pro ERP


            Freedom to Choose

Sage  Pro ERP is an award-winning accounting and manufacturing solution with full  source code availability for ultimate flexibility and  growth.
 With Sage Pro ERP you can create a system fully  tailored to the work you do. Choose the business management applications you  want from a comprehensive, integrated suite of accounting and manufacturing  modules. In addition, Sage Pro offers seamless out-of-the-box integration to  end-to-end business management applications, including customer relationship  management (CRM), human resources management, warehouse management, electronic  data interchange (EDI), e-commerce, business analytics, and vertical  solutions.
Ready to Use, Easy to Adapt
Sage Pro is an award-winning accounting and  manufacturing solution designed to meet the changing needs of your company,  delivering the combined benefits of advanced productivity tools, modifiable  source code, and state-of-the-art accounting and manufacturing  capabilities. Available in two editions, both with powerful  built-in features that help you maximize efficiency and profitability, Sage Pro  grows along with your business and technical requirements. Sage Pro 200 ERP  comes with full source code availability and can be uniquely modified to  optimize your business processes. Sage Pro 100 ERP is ideal for the smaller  company that may need the option of upgrading to Sage Pro 200 over  time. Each edition provides advanced customization tools  and easy access to critical, real-time business information so you can automate  your workflow, drill down to any level of data you need, generate advanced  reports, and more.
Unlimited  Customization With Sage Pro Customization Manager, it’s easy to  create unique screens to fit your business needs and each user’s individual  preferences. Customization Manager and a host of other user-defined options in  Sage Pro allow you to tailor the look and feel of your system. And when you need  full access to source code to modify your system to meet your exclusive business  needs, look to Sage Pro 200.
State-of-the-Art  Manufacturing Sage Pro for Manufacturers features a full suite  of integrated manufacturing and accounting modules to suit your needs. Choose  the manufacturing modules that you require from Production Entry, Work Orders,  or Shop Control. Then, integrate with the accounting and operational modules  such as Inventory Control, Order Entry, Purchase Orders, Customer Connect, and  Bills of Lading to smoothly manage your specific manufacturing and distribution  processes.
Maximum  Productivity Sage Pro provides real flexibility with toolbars  that are customizable by user and available throughout the system. Now your  employees can have instant access to the transaction and maintenance screens  they use most—for increased efficiency and productivity.
Real-Time  Business Information Keep real-time, critical business information at  your fingertips. Using the new Executive Dashboard, you can focus on the  high-value activities that can really make a difference in your business. You  and your executives can check the pulse of your company in seconds. And with  instant access to business intelligence, easily identify issues and work to  prevent problems before they happen. Stay up to the minute with the Business Status  Report (BSR), which includes cash balances, forecasts, and inventory values.  Funnel data from your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, and  Purchase Orders modules into one handy, at-a-glance view. From there, you can  print, or drill down into details with ease.
Automated Work Flow and Document Routing You can now leverage new workflow and routing  capabilities in the Order Entry and Purchase Orders modules to eliminate the  drudgery and monotony of tedious manual approvals and constant paper  searches. The built-in routing offers unprecedented  flexibility. Define how much control you want for each process and easily change  settings with set-up flexibility. Determine approval levels and limits, map your  processes and routes, and configure routing to match the way you operate your  business. Additionally, the Sage Pro ProAlert module is  specifically designed to notify you of key information. It acts as a “business  robot,” automatically searching for critical events that are defined by you,  then taking appropriate action in response. You’ll find that managing your documents and  workflow has never been faster or more efficient.
Powerful  Drill-Down Capabilities The Sage Pro DataDriller delivers sophisticated  multilevel drill-down functionality. For custom reporting or individualized  access to document detail, you can display data in any order and customize it  for any user. You assign the permissions and security codes, so you’re in  control. Plus, once these data views are defined, you can create unlimited  custom reports using the DataDriller Report Wizard.
Project  Accounting Project Accounting provides a fast, flexible  budgeting and cost accounting tool for project and job cost management. It lets  you test, analyze, and adjust budgets before final decisions are made. The  program provides detailed reports of all job-related costs so you can monitor a  job’s progress and budget for future projects.            


Sage Vision Point


            VisionPoint 10.0: Small business software with enterprise-wide  applications
 Designed for the small to mid-size business,  ACCPAC Accounting Systems' VisionPoint 10.0 is a feature-rich application that  delivers big business functionality. VisionPoint 10.0 can accommodate growth and  change as your business moves forward. It has the features you need now, plus  the ones you'll want in the future, including:
• Flexibility for modifications as your business  evolves
• The capacity to accommodate substantial growth
•  Industry-standard technology
• Instant information at your fingertips with  ACCPAC ReadyView
• Year 2000 certification
Versatile software that's ready when you are. In addition to providing flexibility, VisionPoint  10.0 is a reliable out-of-box solution designed to get your business up and  running quickly. Take advantage of VisionPoint's easy user interface and  low-effort setup. And you'll get open, modular architecture that enables you to  make modifications as needed.
VisionPoint lets you start with a basic system and  add specialized applications as your needs evolve. The high-powered combination  of available source code and more than 200 add-on modules makes VisionPoint 10.0  an adaptable program that can be tailored to fit your company's needs perfectly:  you can enhance your system by adding a simple procedure unique to your  industry, or redesign an entire function.
Source code and  modifiability. Full access to source code lets you modify the  software to fit the unique needs of your company. Hundreds of standard reports  are included, with nearly infinite ability to create custom reports. You can  change everything from basic data capture through calculation and  reporting.
Proven reliability using the latest technology. VisionPoint 10.0 is reliable software that's based  on Microsoft technology. This means you'll have a familiar interface that's easy  to use. VisionPoint has been in use for over a decade, and has grown up with  some of the nation's best-known corporations. With successful implementations in  distribution, manufacturing, service and retail industries, VisionPoint has  earned a well-deserved reputation as the workhorse of the average business. With  more than 500,000 users in 63 countries, ACCPAC has established a solid track  record for safe and reliable handling of sensitive financial  software.
Industry-standard tools, optimum ACCPAC  technology. VisionPoint 10.0 supports true 32-bit platform –  including Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0, complete with  screen fonts, icons, and other graphic interface features.
Networks supported  include Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Novell Netware.
VisionPoint is compiled  in Microsoft's top-end database language, Visual FoxPro 6.0.
ACCPAC's robust  interface uses pick lists that allow for viewing more records at a time, and  mouse support offers point-and-click navigation.
Doc on Disk means information at your  fingertips. With VisionPoint 10.0 documentation is now  available electronically. The new Documentation on Disk (Doc on Disk) features  an easy to use table of contents and index that cross-reference other relevant  material. Now your answers are only a click of the mouse away. You can view Doc  on Disk in a Web browser or Adobe Acrobat Reader. And you can print out or  bookmark specific sections for easy reference.
Laser  Forms. New with VisionPoint 10.0 is the fully integrated  Laser Forms feature, a multi-user print utility that enables you to produce  high-quality order forms, statements, invoices, and packing slips from Purchase  Orders, Order Entry, and Accounts Receivable. In addition to using your own  custom logo, you can also customize your forms with signatures and special  graphics.
Real-time information puts you in control. ACCPAC's advanced real-time capabilities give you  instant access to current data, as well as allowing you to forecast revenue,  expenses, cash flow and gross margin. VisionPoint's Business Status Report lets  you check vital company measurements in real time. This unique feature operates  like a business thermostat. It checks AR balance, AP balance, month-to-date  sales, and cost of goods-even shows projected totals for the month (or any other  period).
VisionPoint also provides  ReadyView file browsers that give you unlimited data access the way you want to  see it. Display any information, in any order, customized for any user. This  technology means concise, immediate business management. For example, you can  quickly view all of your customers with more than $5000 past due for more than  30 days. ACCPAC's "snapshot" tools turn customer data into business  information.            


Sage ERP 300


            Whether your growth  plans include buying and selling in the global marketplace, adding more talent  to your team, or expanding your services, Sage Accpac ERP, part of the Sage  Accpac Extended Enterprise Suite, has the tools and the flexibility to  successfully accelerate your business expansion. Supporting different languages  and multicurrency transactions, our network of partners in more than 150  countries allows you to confidently conduct business with suppliers and  customers anywhere in the world.

World-Class  Architecture Sage Accpac ERP is an advanced application built  on a multi-tiered, object-oriented architecture. Designed for the SME market,  Sage Accpac can be deployed either as a Web-based application or as a desktop  application.
Sage Accpac lets you choose the solutions and  configurations that work best for you: The applications, the database, the  deployment options and languages, the network environment or operating system,  and the add-on software developed by Sage Software or one of our network of  independent industry experts. We’re here to help you operate more efficiently  and allow you to focus on growing your business the right way.
Ultimate  Scalability From single-user remote locations to large  corporate environments with multiple locations and demanding business management  needs, no other product scales like Sage Accpac ERP. With Sage Accpac, you can  upgrade smoothly from one version to the next as your business requirements  expand, safe in the knowledge that your data will easily move with  you.
All Sage Accpac products have a uniform user  interface, making it easy to upgrade without costly staff retraining or data  conversion. Sage Accpac also enables data processing across multiple servers, so  as your number of users increases, multiple servers can share the processing  workload.
Completely  Web-Based Sage Accpac ERP has changed the rules of  mid-market business management solutions by offering complete access to your  accounting system through a standard Web browser. No longer limited by your  location, you can now access Sage Accpac anywhere, anytime, through our  easy-to-use Web-based interface.
Easy to Use and  Customize Sage Accpac ERP is easy to set up and use, with  intuitive wizards and a familiar interface that make configuration and  navigation a breeze. Embedded Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) lets  you easily expand, customize, and integrate your Sage Accpac  application.
Total Investment  Protection Sage Accpac ERP is a complete system designed to  give your business the competitive advantage. Our value-added protection plan,  offered across all product lines, gives you the investment protection you need  to move quickly and easily from one version to the next, so you can increase the  functionality of your system as your business requirements expand.
Designed for Global  Business In today’s global marketplace, your supplies, your  customers, and your competition are no longer limited by physical borders.  That’s why you’ll be glad to know that Sage Accpac is deployed in more than 150  countries worldwide and supports multiple languages, so it can satisfy even the  most demanding international requirements. A truly global application, Sage  Accpac handles transactions using multiple currencies, calculates  currency-revaluation, and complies with local accounting.
Industry-Specific Solutions for Your Business Your Sage Accpac ERP system is supported by a  network of local experts who can enhance and extend it further to meet your  market’s specific requirements, thanks to the wide range of high-quality  integrated vertical tools and our strong network of more than 400 development  partners. Whatever your industry, our skilled partner network makes it possible  to meet any business challenge, no matter how unique            




            TeleMagic Enterprise
TeleMagic, first released in 1985, was one of the  early innovators of contact management software. As a fully customizable, three  level relational database, TeleMagic has expanded beyond simple contact  management into the customer relationship management arena. TeleMagic is  designed to provide access and easy manipulation of the information that powers  a business, with integrated features such as zoom dialing, faxing, word  processing, Internet e-mail and more. TeleMagic was designed for the large  network installation, but small to mid-sized businesses also benefit from  TeleMagic’s robust feature set and data management. The complete customization  features allow you to start with a blank page, and build your database to fit  your business needs, or choose from several preloaded template designs.  Databases have been designed for many uses not traditionally associated with  contact management including inventory tracking, invoice generation, help desks,  employee time cards, and sales force automation. This level of flexibility means  the software changes to work the way you do, instead of requiring that you  change the way you run your business to fit the software.
Features of  TeleMagic Enterprise: • Designed for networks or stand-alone PC’s  (includes record locking)
• Three-level relational contact database
• Full  featured Activity Manager
• Built-in fax capability
• Wireless Messaging  access integrated with activities and the Contact Manager
• E-mail link to  Microsoft Outlook
• Auto-dialer
• Branch Scripting with activity history  generation and input fields linked to your contact records
• Sales  Forecasting, including links to contact records and extensive reporting with  graphs
• Spell Checker
• Custom and quick reports
• Automation Server  for dedicated print, fax, e-mail, and wireless message processing
• Import  and export using popular file formats
• Mail merge integration with popular  word processors
• System and field-level security and password  protection
• Context-sensitive help including links to World Wide Web and FTP  sites
• Record and system synchronization through Data Synchronization Server  with automatic packet transfer
• Configurable toolbars
• User-definable  macros
• Database Utility Program for system maintenance
• Host for  client-server system, TeleMagic NetClient
• Integration with TeleMagic Auto  Responder
Customization TeleMagic Enterprise’s customization features are  so robust; you can virtually use it as an application generator. Many contact  managers are good at storing names, addresses, and phone numbers. TeleMagic  stores any data. It is able to do this by using Key Fields. Key Fields allow  users to specify what fields hold contact information, but do not require their  presence in the database. This means that a TeleMagic database is not limited to  containing contact data, but can also be used for any information that needs to  be stored and organized.
An additional aspect of customization is the  aesthetic control. TeleMagic can be designed to create a view of the data that  provides the flow of data entry controlled to match the way an organization  works. Multiple custom views for each database can be created for individuals or  individual departments within a company.
Preferences TeleMagic provides a wide variety of user  preferences that allow the user to control his or her own workspace. Each user  can decide which screens they view when they first open a database. Activity  preferences can be set up specific to each user's workload.
Security TeleMagic allows full customization of security.  Supervisory users have their own security group with full rights to all features  and databases. Separate security groups can be configured for other users based  upon security needed for that user. Security can be set at the system level,  database level and even at the field level within each database. Security groups  allow the provision of security by department or job function.
Contact  Manager The Contact Manager is the main window into  TeleMagic. The appearance of the program can vary dramatically, depending on the  particular database that is open. The Contact Manager screen is fully  customizable. Everything from the type of information shown and how it is  displayed, to the aesthetic presentation of the page can be designed by the  user.