ERP Streamlines Zuger

In the latest field report completed by Food Engineering Magazine, Zuger is the latest European company to adopt a company-wide ERP and they are already seeing stellar results. “Today, we have CSB as a turnkey solution,” Zuger CEO Christof Zuger quipped. He went on saying “This means we have only one system for financial accounting, human resources, procurement, inventory, sales and quality management.:

Across the globe, companies like Zuger are experiencing the ease of a unified platform to run their business. Companies like Zuger boast integrated staff beyond their expectations when using ERP solutions. For example, Zuger, a cheesemaker in Switzerland gathers and processes milk from over 400 suppliers across the region for the creation of over 700 dairy products. With multiple production departments and three high-storage bays, interlinking all of the facilities was paramount for Zuger when selecting the proper platform to move their business into a more suitable and sustainable standpoint from a top down perspective.

Zuger employs a more holistic ERP approach than most companies here in the USA, providing electronic customer orders directly to the people driving the fork-lifts in the storage bays with graphical diagrams of the freshest products available for selection, picking and packing. This unique and customized solution has proven quite successful as both customer satisfaction and sales are both up since the launch of the new ERP system. The system even goes into further detail by providing the fork-lift driver a roadmap through the warehouse like storage bay with a final destination for the order and or pallets it has assembled. Yes, the ERP does basically everything BESIDES operate the actual machinery for Zuger.

This wave of the future is possible here in the USA. Harwood Consulting would love to hear from you how we can engineer something similar for you and your business. More than just a passing fad, our ERP solutions are time tested and adaptable through our engineers to fit your business just like Zuger.

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