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Harwood Consulting, Inc. has been in business since 1991 providing customers with proven accounting and network solutions . 

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From the desk of    Vince Harwood,  President   "Giving you time to do more  business"
Thank you for taking a few moments to explore  our corporate overview. On behalf of our team, let me say we are delighted you  are considering Harwood Consulting for your unique business solutions.

My  organization has been providing companies like yours with tailored business  management resource solutions for accounting, human resources and payroll, fixed  assets management, contact management, radio and broadcast scheduling,  computer networking, computer hardware sales, and  computer repair services; telecommunication solutions; website design and  development services and mobile sales solutions since 1991.  

The software solutions that comprise our portfolio are all industry  leaders in their respective classes. The key difference is the expertise and  experience of my staff. I've been fortunate to find truly remarkable  professionals who understand business as well as software. They've contributed  immeasurably to the success of Harwood Consulting and stand ready to do the same  for your organization.

My team of account managers, project managers,  product specialists, programmers and administrators work hand-in-hand with you  from your project's conception right through to completion. Our team will be  here if you need us to answer questions or modify solutions as technology moves  ahead at lightning speed and your business continues to grow and prosper. We can  even help you with many of your evolving e-commerce and e-business  needs.

My personal philosophy is shared by everyone here at Harwood  Consulting. We believe that a successful business partnership requires a lot  more than just purchasing the right software. True success can only be realized  through total commitment to a thorough business analysis, project planning,  training and strong input and participation from you and your team.

We  realize that the decisions you need to make right now are critically important.  Thank you again for your consideration. I'm confident that when you choose Harwood  Consulting your success will be the only solution that  matters.


Vincent C. Harwood, President
Harwood  Consulting, Inc