ERP Solutions Are Now Designer ERP Solutions

The Death Of ERP?

Like they said about the internet in the 90s, ERP solutions have also been rumored to die out. Over 2 decades later and man, were they wrong about the internet and even more so about ERP solutions. Drawing on more than 4 decades of data acquisition and testing in the past 20 years, ERP solutions have gone from IT only hieroglyphic like systems filled with code repositories and the clunkiness of a tyrannosaurus rex trying to fit into a compact car, to slim, lightweight unified systems which are easy to use and so adaptable, even European cheesemakers can find amazing value in them. Thats zero for two nay-sayers.

Overly criticized for difficulty for the end user and how rigid the code was, ERP solutions were never really something that caught on entirely until recently. Now with thousands of global case studies in major corporations who employ the likes of SAGE and Microsoft products, ERP solutions are once again at the forefront of business leaders seeking to bring their companies out of the hard records and paper history and into the digital age. Whats more is, instead of requiring an engineer to operate, these systems are developed with the end user in mind now. They are made to resemble programs you already use in the office, often with the same paradigms of menus, right clicks and use.

The Rise of Designer Based ERP Solutions

While some companies like Harwood Consulting provide access to engineers to customize any ERP solution to your company, many companies are finding that freelancers are able to provide similar results to even Microsoft Certified engineers. The rise of the code-free environment has led the industry to provide drag and drop GUI for ease of customization for the end user. While this can always provide an easy way to add in aesthetics and small functions, it will never take the place of a full fledged engineering team to brand and adapt your ERP to your specific business. All this, despite rumor mills bracing in horror as they fear ERP is headed back to a darker age of IT nicknamed Shadow IT where industry standards are thrown to the wind in favor of a more ungoverned approach to IT outside of IT’s domain in your company. Basically, a world filled with freelancers leaving your company with no need for an IT department.

Nevertheless, the age of ERP solutions has come and Harwood Consulting can not only provide Tier 1 products, but also Tier 1 support, management and training to go along with your chosen ERP solution. Read more about what we can do for your business on our services page.

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ERP Workflows Targeted by New Blockchain AI

Machine Learning Takes The Wheel

In the world of cloud computing and automated business applications, no single company can be attributed to breaking the mold besides one- Oracle. Now, what most consumers and business owners do not understand is that Oracle makes the software and programming language used throughout the world that make everything work. Oracle is the company solely responsible for the creation of modern day databases and the languages they use. Since then, Oracle has acquired Sun Microsystems who developed a language called Java, in addition to a few other well known language publishers. Combined, Oracle is the second largest software developer in the world under Microsoft. However, Oracle has now entered into a new market they only dabbled in before- ERP solutions and implementations.

The programming rich culture at Oracle has led to one beastly ERP solution which is in all honesty, probably too large in scale for most companies especially when combined with the hefty (I imagine) price tag it brings. However, the Oracle ERP solution brings business automation unprecedented in any other ERP solution- natively. What makes this solution even more groundbreaking is how integrated it is into other systems right out of the box with a cloud suite called HCM or Human Capital Management. The system dives deep into your normal human resource area of your ERP and then goes further with features such as allowing an employee to integrate their LinkedIN profile and expose it to the rest of the company through the ERP system itself creating a pseudo social media network within the ERP itself.

Rise Of The Machines. . . ?

To top things off, the Oracle ERP solution is based on cloud machine learning technology and programming. As time goes by and your company uses it more, it “learns” more about your business and adapts with subtle intelligence reports, advice on better business sustainability, advise on possible unforseen risks that may or may not be imminent or in the future. This one piece of software is so advanced, its akin to something out of a science fiction movie. There is literally nothing on the face of the earth as of this writing that even comes close to the function and intelligence of this ERP solution. Harwood Consulting is considering bringing this product into its offerings once it has been released, further tested and shown to be bug free and stable. Look forward to seeing this on our site soon!

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