Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud

Regardless of your industry or the size of your  organization, it’s your people who drive results. Business success depends on  providing everyone in your organization—from the CEO to management and teams to  individuals—with ready access to the information, systems, and tools they need  to work at peak performance. Regardless of your industry or the size of your  organization, it’s your people who drive results. Business success depends on  providing everyone in your organization—from the CEO to management and teams to  individuals—with ready access to the information, systems, and tools they need  to work at peak performance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 On Premises

Everything you love about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud, but installed directly at your place of business on your servers. Engage this robust, well rounded and highly adaptable ERP/CRM solution for your company and begin streamlining the way your company does business with ease and the clarity of using a full suite of tools from Microsoft. Built on existing Microsoft architecture, use the same paradigms you use in existing Microsoft products to control, augment and implement this amazing ERP with minimal training.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Certified Products

Amazing products for amazing companies, Microsoft ERP solutions are perfect for any sized company and support localization preferences for the parts of your company outside of the USA. Customizable to any degree with unparalleled support, every Microsoft product Harwood offers functions in full for any and every need your company can come up with.

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AccountMate Enterprise 2018

AccountMate Enterprise 2018 is the latest version release in the AccountMate Enterprise product suite offering a real-time, customizable financial and business management solution designed to accommodate hundreds of concurrent users.

AccountMate for SQL

AccountMate for SQL is designed to accommodate hundreds of concurrent users. There is no built-in limit to the size of your company databases thereby eliminating the need to archive records

AccountMate Cloud Services

With AccountMate’s cloud computing, you can minimize your IT infrastructure and costs associated with having to purchase and maintain computer hardware. Cloud computing is a viable option for those who decide that a remote access strategy is more practical than having an on-premise business financial suite.

Harwood Consulting Support

Through any situation, Harwood is committed to providing only the best in customer service with a smile and a friendly voice. Nobody likes to wait around and neither should your business.

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Sage Pro ERP

Sage Pro ERP is an award-winning accounting and manufacturing solution with full source code availability for ultimate flexibility and growth.
With Sage Pro ERP you can create a system fully tailored to the work you do. Choose the business management applications you want from a comprehensive, integrated suite of accounting and manufacturing modules.

Sage Vision Point

Designed for the small to mid-size business, ACCPAC Accounting Systems’ VisionPoint 10.0 is a feature-rich application that delivers big business functionality. VisionPoint 10.0 can accommodate growth and change as your business moves forward. It has the features you need now, plus the ones you’ll want in the future, including:

  • Flexibility for modifications as your business evolves
  • The capacity to accommodate substantial growth
  • Industry-standard technology
  • Instant information at your fingertips with ACCPAC ReadyView
  • Year 2000 certification “


TeleMagic, first released in 1985, was one of the early innovators of contact management software. As a fully customizable, three level relational database, TeleMagic has expanded beyond simple contact management into the customer relationship management arena. TeleMagic is designed to provide access and easy manipulation of the information that powers a business, with integrated features such as zoom dialing, faxing, word processing, Internet e-mail and more.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is full fledged ERP designed for small to medium sized companies built specifically for automation including CRM, quotes, orders, production and shipping along with modules for invoices, purchasing, receiving and inventory. High customization and great adaptation at the time, Microsoft Dynamics is now deprecated but Harwood Consulting still provides support to any client who needs it with this wonderful ERP/CRM.

Available Training and Installation/Support

Harwood Consulting understands that not everyone is ready to update to the next big thing. We proudly support legacy and outdated platforms such as the SAGE family and Telemagic.

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We ask all the questions and make the observations discovering the issues that make the possible decision to upgrade your ERP system. We then move on to design phase.

Intuitive Design

Building from the ANALYSIS, we design steps both internal and external, to properly implement and upgraded your ERP system. This design keeps your business running efficiently.

Professional Implementation

Following the DESIGN, the process is followed at each phase until the system is successfully live. This method of implementation provides error proof function across your business.


During this process, success points are monitored and resources are allocated to make sure that the project follows a successful path, and adjusted for augmented as necessary.

Professional Training

One step after IMPLEMENTATION, is our internal software experts pass their knowledge on to you so you too know how to use the upgraded system properly for your business.


Once the IMPLEMENTATION is complete, we are still available to support your company and make any adjustments for long term success. Even legacy products not offered anymore.


With the accumulation of critical business information, we have several tools available to push the data back out to management allowing them make critical business decisions.


Our high level team of experts can help you make critical infrastructure adjustments to make your business more efficient and profitable while streamlining the way you do business.


In addition to coming up with and implementing the agreed solution for your business, our engineers are also able to help custom fit your solution to your specific needs.

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